Unleash your creativity with gigapixel images.

We issue licensing agreements for the gigapixel images in our archive, to enable the creation of productions of the hightest quality, for a wide variety of applications including editorial, advertising, interior design, research and the appreciation and promotion of our cultural heritage. We work with the owners of the art to obtain licenses for each specific case.





11 October 2019

3D VR + STEREOSCOPIC GIGAPIXEL ANIMATION: Haltadefinizione at the Digital Design Days in Milan

From October 10 to October 12, Digital Design Days will turn Milan into the world capital of Digital Design.

Visitor of LSI VR in Deep Space 8K AEC Museum.Rendering Cineca 3391

25 September 2019

Haltadefinizione and Leonardo for CINECA’s European Researchers’ Night

Celebrating both the European Researchers’ Night and the 50th anniversary of the use of supercomputing in Italy, Cineca is holding a special event - and everyone is invited!

linz 3

06 September 2019

Haltadefinizione at the the world premiere of the Project “THE LAST SUPPER INTERACTIVE" at the Festival of Ars electronica in Linz

The 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death is the pivotal cultural celebration of 2019, which saw several events being held in honor of the Master all across the world.



Images for High Quality Art Books

Capture even the slightest details to use in your exclusive publications. Ultra high definition images can take us where the human eye has never gone before. They become essential for large format art books made for students and art lovers.

Content material for digital publishing

Masterpieces just a click away!

Fine Art Printing Services

See the advantages of ultra high definition images come together with the best fine art printing technology.

Special Edition Art Reproductions

Eureka! Even the most inaccessible works are now within reach.

Art Experience

Get inside the works, instead of merely observing them.

Dynamic Projection

A full immersion experience with art.

Reproductions of Art

Come face to face with the great works.Our printed reproductions are made at full size, or 1:1 scale. With ultra high definition scanning in gigapixel format, color reproduction is true and every minute detail is visible just as on the original object.

Customized Projects

Customized art for any kind of interior space.

Staging and Scenery

Use these powerful gigapixel images at your event to make it unique.

Contract projects

Personality, color, dynamism; artistic details that enhance any commercial space.


Unleash your creativity with gigapixel images.

Image bank

We have more than 500 masterpieces of Italian art in HD digital format.

Enhanced Solutions for Museums and Galleries

Extraordinary images deserve an extraordinary way to explore them.

Digitalization campaigns

Digitalization is good for works of art.

What does Gigapixel mean?

See all the detail you want, without any loss of image quality.

Images for researchers and scholars

Haltadefinizione’s images conserve the essence of artworks in digital format.

Educational licence

Free access to gigapixel images of art

Partnership programs

Art history researchers can rely on us to provide support of the highest quality.

Educational Entertainment

Nothing moves us more than great art.

Rights management

We are here to assist you with licensing for the use of these works.

Why gigapixel?

To fully understand a work of art you must become familiar with even its smallest details.

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Artworks in gigapixel format. Unbounded creativity.

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